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Franklin Water
In August 2020, the Village Council passed a Resolution  to ensure that Villagers have access to clean, safe, adequate and affordable water. 
Click here to view Resolution on Water.  During the winter of 2021, the Village conducted a water survey, to determine what Villager's water experiences were. 

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Click here  to view Raw Data Summary and Analysis of the Water Survey. 
During the summer of 2021, the Village Council identified a sub-committee of council members to sit on a Water committee, to review the raw data submitted by Village engineering firm Hubbell Roth and Clark, and determine next steps: what the Village role will be. Water Committee meetings are open to all Villagers and are publicized in the weekly Village newsletter. Water Committee will meet: 
At the Water Committee meeting on September 13, a series of resources were presented by Hubbell Roth and Clark. They can be found here
Message From Pam Hansen, Council President, Fall 2020 - Re: Water