Village of Franklin Water


The Village of Franklin sole water source is private wells. 
In September of 2020, the Village Council put forth a resolution on safe water.
Read the Village of Franklin Water Resolution HERE.

Since then, the Village has conducted a Village wide Water Survey to learn about Villager's experiences with their water.
Click here to view the COMPLETE data collected on the Water Survey.   Click here  to view Raw Data Summary and Analysis by Village engineers Hubbell Roth and Clark. 

The Village has since created a Water Sub-committee composed of Village council members to further study the water issues facing the Village.
These meetings take place at the Village Hall at 6:15 preceding the monthly Village Council meetings. These meetings are publicized in the weekly Village newsletter. The public is invited to attend.

Community water education resources can be found here.

From the Village of Franklin Municipal Code: (scroll bar on left brings you to every section).
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Storm Water Management
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