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Main Street Franklin /Economic Development Director
The Village of Franklin is accepting applications for a full time Main Street 
\Franklin Village Economic Development Director who will be responsible for 
collaborating with Village officials on economic development strategies to help 
ensure the vitality of the Village Center and maintain an ethic that encourages 
preservation and adaptation of historic structures to meet current Village 

The Main Street Franklin/Village Economic Development Director will work 
under the direction of the Village Administrator to establish an economic 
development function for the village. The director is responsible for the 
oversight and documentation of the Main Street program working with the 
MSF Board. 


The Main Street Franklin/Village Economic Development Director is primarily responsible for 
collaborating with Village officials on economic development strategies to help ensure the vitality of 
the Village Center and maintain an ethic that encourages preservation and adaptation of historic 
structures to meet current Village needs. 
The Director leads Main Street Franklin (MSF), with the MSF Board of Directors. MSF is part of a 
county-wide network of Main Street communities that use a strategic framework for transforming 
downtown economies, attracting volunteers and celebrating historic character. This framework 

1. Engaging with the community to agree on a vision and knowing the local market. 
2. Implementing the right strategies in 4 areas - organization, promotion, design and economic 
development - to accomplish goals. 
3. Tracking impact – both qualitative and quantitative outcomes. 

Franklin’s Main Street Franklin/Village Economic Development Director is responsible for the 
oversight and documentation of the Main Street program. The Director is the on-site person 
responsible for coordinating all project activities locally and for representing the community at 
regional and national Main Street functions. 

 Primary Responsibilities 

1. Prepare an economic development plan and implementation strategy for consideration and 
adoption by the Village Council, collaborating with the Administrator, the MSF Board and 
committees and Trustees. 

2. Develop and maintain continuing relationships with Main Street Oakland County (MSOC), 
economic development peers in surrounding jurisdictions and members of the Village 
business community. Help build strong and productive working relationships with 
appropriate public agencies at the local and state levels. 

3. Manage the administrative aspects of MSF including record keeping, budget/accounting, 
preparing reports required by MSOC and by the National Main Street Center, assisting with 
the preparation of reports to funding agencies and supervising contractors/ consultants. 

4. Be an expert resource for the MSF Board on their own organization, bylaws, education, work 
processes and priorities. Work directly with the MSF Board on social /promotion events, 
fundraising activities and volunteer recruitment.
5. Promote volunteerism, connectedness, and community building in the Village, collaborating 
with other groups with similar goals as much as possible. Become familiar with people and 
groups involved in the Village Center. 

6. Develop and conduct ongoing public awareness and education programs designed to 
enhance appreciation of Franklin’s historic Village Center and other assets and to foster an 
understanding of MSF goals and objectives. 

7. Advise business and property owners on physical and business improvement projects 
through consultation and/or obtaining technical or design resources. Provide guidance on 
financial resources for physical improvements. 

8. Assist in the coordination of Village events and business promotion events to improve the 
quality and success of events. Work closely with Village resources and local media to ensure 
maximum event coverage; encourage design excellence in promotion. 

9. When necessary, represent the community at the local, state and national levels to important 
constituencies. Speak effectively on the program’s direction and findings, being mindful of 
opportunities improve state and national development policies as they relate to small 

Primary Relationships and Key Contacts 
▪ The Main Street Franklin/Village Economic Development Director reports to the Franklin 
Village Administrator. 
▪ This person is accountable to the MSF Board chairperson and board of directors. The MSF 
Board will conduct the annual performance review in consultation with the Village 
▪ Other key contacts include Franklin Village Council, Council members serving as voting MSF 
board members, Village commissions, local businesses, commercial property owners, service 
organizations, local not-for-profits, MSOC and Village and County contractors as required. 

Required Job Knowledge and Skills 

1. Education and/or experience in more than one of the following areas: architecture, historic 
preservation, finance, public relations, planning, municipal or non-profit management, 
business management and/or small business development. 

2. Sensitivity to design and preservation issues. The Director must understand the issues 
confronting Franklin businesspeople, property owners, local and state agencies and 
community organizations. 

3. The Director must be entrepreneurial, articulate, creative, energetic, courageous, 
imaginative, well organized and capable of functioning effectively and independently. 

4. Must be willing to work as a team with Village officials and MSOC while functioning 
independently in service to the community. 

5. Must be able to engage effectively with individuals and groups representing adjacent and 
occasionally competing priorities. Excellent written and presentation communication skills 
are essential for success in this role. 

Contact: Send resumes and cover letter to Village of Franklin, c/o Doreen Martin, 32325 Franklin Road, 
Franklin, Michigan 48025. 

Position Information: Pam Hansen, Village Trustee. Email:  248-613-3312.