Rouge River Watershed

Franklin is fortunate to have three tributaries to the Rouge River running through the Village. The entire Rouge River Watershed isPic-Watershed approximately 466 square miles and includes all or parts of 48 communities and 3 counties. To manage this large area more effectively, local units of governments decided to divide the whole Rouge River Watershed into seven Subwatersheds based on the 4 main branches of the Rouge River - the Main branch, the Upper branch, the Middle branch, and the Lower branch - and certain political jurisdictions. Click on this link for a map of the entire Rouge River Watershed.

Because the storm water for the Village drains into the Rouge River, the Village has obtained a Michigan General Storm Water Permit issued by the Department of Environmental Quality. This permit establishes the process for developing watershed management plans to address the control of storm water and other sources of pollution.

One component of the Michigan General Storm Water Permit is the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Initiative (SWPPI).Pic-LeopardFrog
The SWPPI includes evaluation and implementation of pollution prevention and good housekeeping practices as well as implementation of Best Management Practices to minimize impacts of new development and redevelopment.

Education is a key component of the SWPPI and there are many resources that provide information and programs to encourage protection of the river. This website will post information on upcoming programs or you can check out the Friends of the Rouge, the Rouge River Project, Alliance of Rouge Communities, or SOCWA by clicking on the links below.

The 2010 Rouge River Monitoring and Assessment Report is now available by clicking here. This report summarizes the stream flow and dissolved oxyget data collected through the end of 2010.

HEALTHY LAWN CARE VIDEO - A short 7 minute video has been produced by SOCWA that features lawn care practices of 3 homeowners in the Rouge River watershed.

socwa Healthy Lawn from Village of Franklin on Vimeo.

Friends of the Rouge
The Rouge River Project

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner –
Alliance of Rouge Communities -
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Water Resources Division -,1607,7-135-3306_28610---,00.html
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Storm Water Program -,4561,7-135-
Michigan State University Extension -

The stormwater management plan (SWMP) for the Village of Franklin is provided below for public comment.

Village of Franklin Stormwater Discharge Permit Application

Provide Public Comment On Your Community's Stormwater Management Plan