Franklin Cemetery

The Franklin Cemetery was founded in 1827 on an acre of land set aside by Elijah Bullock, one of the founders of the Stoughton Bullock Settlement (renamed Franklin in 1828), and is registered with the Michigan Historical Commission as an historic property. The first of six expansions occurred in 1848 when Benjamin and Charlotte Worthing donated an acre of farmland adjacent to the Cemetery. The non-profit Franklin Cemetery Association was formed in 1852 and has operated this beautiful country Cemetery ever since.

We invite you to visit our Cemetery on Franklin Road between 14 and 13 Mile Roads, at the corner of Scenic Drive. The Cemetery displays typical nineteenth-century grave markers, including urns, obelisks, tree trunks, weeping willows, and benches.

The Cemetery is owned by its lot owners/Association members and is administered by the Board of Directors. Each May the members hold their Annual Meeting with a traditional potluck dinner.

Every Memorial Day the community is invited to join us in a Memorial Day Service, which is held at 11:00 in the Cemetery. All are welcome to this patriotic remembrance for over 250 veterans resting there; 4 are veterans of the War of 1812 and 24 are veterans of the Civil War. A Veterans’ Memorial stands next to the flagpole and is engraved with the names of all of these veterans.

Many choice gravesites are still available for area residents. For further information regarding the Cemetery, please contact Steve Bancroft, Cemetery Director, at (248) 200-9493. Website: email: