Planning Commission
The Planning Commission is made up of seven (7) residents appointed by the Village President with the approval of the Village Council. The Planning Commission has many responsibilities including from time to time, reviewing issues at the direction of the Village Council.

Specifically, the duties of the planning commission are: Long range planning; zoning ordinance amendments; recommend action to the village council regarding special land use permits; site plan review for non-historic properties; joint site plan review for non-residential historic properties; rezoning requests; and wetland permit requests.


David Goldberg             term to 7/17
Connie Ettinger             term to 7/18
Calvin Cupidore            term to 7/18
Dean Moenck                term to 7/16
Pete Halick                     term to 7/18
Bob Wilke                       term to 7/16
Raj Abbass                     term to 7/17

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