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    MARCH 14, 2018
    To keep our citizenry informed:
  • On Monday, March 5, 2018, Oakland County Heath Division issued a mandatory closure for the businesses located in the Franklin Village Plaza 32716-32744 Franklin Road. This was due to the discovery of a storage tank with about 45 gallons of a volatile organic compound in the crawl space of the building. A portion of the liquid in the tank was a cleaning solvent likely from the dry cleaners that was on site in the 1930’s and 1940’s. On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 the liquid was removed and today, (March 14th), the tank was cut up, filled, sealed and the area covered with vapor barrier. Although, it was thought that there might a septic tank that could be a problem, the MDEQ did not find any suspect septic tanks or any other container in or under the building, buried in the ground around the building, or in the vicinity. The Oakland County Health Division (OCHD) is awaiting the results of further testing that will done in the next few days. Pending those results and other factors the OCHD will likely lift the mandatory closure order for the plaza as early as next week. Vapor intrusion tests performed at some of the adjoining properties indicate that the known problem is isolated to businesses within the Franklin Village Plaza.
  • The Oakland County Health Division is working with Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, MDEQ, and Franklin Village officials.
  • The MDEQ is testing and remediating known contaminated sites in its ongoing statewide effort to investigate indoor air quality resulting from vapor intrusion. Samples are collected and analyzed to determine if risks to human health and the environment are present. MDEQ began taking indoor air samples at the Franklin Village Plaza site in February.
  • Vapor intrusion occurs when vapors (gases) from volatile chemicals in contaminated soil and/or groundwater move through the soil and into buildings through cracks in floors, walls, and gaps around service pipes. In outdoor air, these vapors are often diluted to harmless levels. When trapped in an enclosed space like a home or building, these vapors can collect and impact the indoor air quality and pose a risk to health.
  • MDEQ tests do indicate that there is no contamination in drinking water in local wells on these properties or nearby.
  • For more information, visit www.oakgov.com/health or call Environmental Health at 248-858-1312 between 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For up-to-date public health information, follow @publichealthOC on Facebook and Twitter. For questions regarding the MDEQ role in this site, contact Josh Scheels at 586-324-0372. For questions regarding the MDEQ Vapor Intrusion program, contact Shane Morrison @ 517-284-5063.

  • printer-friendly MDEQ Project Update Notice

  • Road Rehabilitation Project
    The work on Phase 1 of the Franklin Village road rehabilitation project for 2017 has been completed. Phase 2 will begin this spring. This is a two-year project, and whatever remaining items in Phase 1 that we were unable to get to last year we will be addressing first thing in the spring. Phase I construction was comprised of roads west of Franklin Road with the inclusion of the Supervisor’s Plat No. 8 subdivision (German Mill, Kelvin, Carol, Bowden, Meadowdale, and Romany Way) located east of Franklin Road. In Phase II, the remaining Village roads east of Franklin Road, between 14 Mile and the southern Village limits, will be rehabilitated in 2018. There will be a phase 2 project kickoff public meeting on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at the Franklin Community Church, 26425 Wellington Road, Franklin, Michigan.  There will be two public information sessions, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM and from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  Public Notitces were mailed to phase 2 residents.  We want to thank the residents for their patience and understanding during this project. The voters with their millage approval in November 2016 agreed that this is a much needed and very worthwhile investment in our community. An investment that helps maintain the quality of life that we enjoy in the Village of Franklin.

  • Frequently Asked Questions for the Street Improvement millage here. PASER map evaluating road condition here

  • November 8, 2016 Franklin Election Results click here

  • Rizzo Environmental Services has been purchased by GFL Environmental Services.  VIEW NEW GARBAGE AND RECYCLING SERVICE NEWSLETTER BY CLICKING here

  • 2014-2015 - A Citizens' Guide to finances and Performance Dashboard have been prepared for the Village by accounting students at EMU, at no cost to the Village  here
  • 2015-2016 BUDGETS here
    2016-2017 Adopted Budgets: here
    2017-2018 Adopted Budget here

  • The Village Council has enacted the new Peddlers and Solicitors Ordinance and along with that is the new "Do Not Knock List".  If you would like to be added to the new list please contact the Village Clerk. Solicitor's permit can be obtained at the Township Hall.

  • APPLICATION OF INTEREST FOR A BOARD OR COMMISSION - If you have an interest in being appointed to a Village Board or Commission, please click here for an Interest Form that can be turned in anytime to the Village Office.  Click here for information on the different boards and commissions that need resident involvement..

  • Please use the link below to check out the MSU-STDI Final Report and a presentation that Main Street Franklin has put together, detailing the Franklin 2020 project. http://www.mainstreetfranklinmi.com/franklin2020/.

  • NATURALIZING THE HOME GARDEN WORKSHOP - The Alliance of Rouge Communities is sponsoring several free native garden design workshops for beginning gardeners.  Click for more information.

  • WATER TESTING: Water from Franklin residents' individual wells may be tested through the Oakland County Health department and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  Information about those programs is available through the following links:
    Oakland County Health Department well info
    Michigan DEQ Drinking Water Lab.

  • OAKLAND COUNTY HOME IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS - Oakland County’s Community and Home Improvement Division has helped residents with their housing needs and supported community development projects for more than thirty years.  Services include preventing mortgage default and home repair support for those with low to moderate incomes. Click here for free housing counseling and click here for details on the Home Repair Program for low and moderate income..

  • FRANKLIN COMMUNITY HOUSE otherwise known as the KREGER HOUSE has received its final certificate of occupancy to comply with State and Village standards and regulations. After a transition from the Franklin Historic Society to the Village, it is now available for community use. The Franklin Village Council would like to thank: the Franklin Historical Society and especially Ann and Bill Lamott for their efforts, the Bauer family who donated the house, shed and barn, the Franklin Foundation and the support of many organizations and individuals who made the moving and preservation of the Kreger farm buildings possible. Details of the Kreger House are available on “Quick Links” on the panel to the left. Rules, use application, and policies are available by clicking the following links:
    Rules and Policies
    Alcohol Policy
    The calendar indicating those dates/times that are reserved can be found by clicking on the following calendar link..

  • FREE SENIOR TRANSPORTATION AVAILABLE - Did you know that that NEXT (formerly known as (BASCC) Birmingham Area Senior Coordinating Council)  can provide transportation for appointments and shopping if you are over 55 or disabled?  Click here for more information on the program..

  • FRANKLIN CRIMEDAR MAP - The Franklin Police Department has launched a new free, graphic tool called Crimedar.  It shows locations of reported criminal activity in real time to viewers acting as a sort of internet Neighborhood Watch.  Click here for a link to the new application..

  • MASTER PLAN - The Planning Commission has completed the 2015 Master Plan.   The Master Plan can be accessed by clicking here.

  • TITLE VI COMPLIANCE:  Click here to review the Village's Title VI Non-Discrimination Plan..

  • ROUNDABOUT INFORMATION -   Click here to learn how to effectively navigate a roundabout..

  • DTE POWER OUTAGES - At the December 2012 Village Council meeting, representatives from DTE discussed the power outage situation in the Village and provided an overview of upcoming trimming that should reduce the number of outages. DTE representatives were also at the November 10, 2014 meeting for a further update and responded to questions regarding the most recent power outages in the Village.

  • Residents that have specific questions or concerns about outages and the reliability of their electric service should call DTE's Customer Service Line (1-800-477-4747) and ask to speak with an Engineer. The Customer Service Representative will take your contact information and an Engineer will contact you within five business days in non-storm situations, and slightly longer in storm situations for an individualized review of your outage history.

  • NEW RIGHT-OF-WAY OBSTRUCTION ORDINANCE - The Village Council adopted an ordinance that prohibits obstructions in the road right-of-way which are taller than four inches and within three feet of the edge of the road. A copy of the ordinance is available here.  The Village Council has modified its enforcement of the ordinance. The resolution pertaining to the modification is here.

  • ARBOR DAY:  Arbor Day is a holiday where people are encouraged to plant and take care of trees.  The Village Council observed and celebrated Arbor Day on April 28th in the Village in 2017.

  • HAZARDOUS TREE REMOVAL/PRUNING PROGAM - The Village recognizes that much of Franklin's character is defined by our tree canopy and that must be balanced by the need to provide a safe environment for persons and property within the Village.  In the coming months, Franklin Village will undertake a hazardous tree removal and pruning program on public property to increase public safety.  Select trees on Village property will need to be removed due to their poor condition and threat to public safety.  As part of the Village-wide program, low hanging hazardous and dead branches will be selectively cut back or removed and visibility will be improved at intersections by cutting back undesirable growth.

  • Click here to read FAQ's about the program. Right of Way information is available by clicking here.  A Tree Inventory Report and Management Plan was prepared for the Village in 2005 and is a good source of information on tree management specific to the Village.  For the link to the 2005 Report as well as other information on hazardous trees, please see these links:
    2005 Tree Inventory Report and Management Plan
    Identify and Manage Hazardous Defects in Your Trees from the Indiana Woodlot Owner Series
    What is a Hazard Tree from Pittsburgh Public Works

  • POLICE CRIME PREVENTION BROCHURE - The Franklin Police Department has prepared an informational brochure with crime prevention tips.  Click here to download a copy.

  • PHOTOGRAPHS WANTED FOR WEBSITE - The Village is interested in photographs to place on the Village website home page.  If you have photos to share, please email them to administrator@franklin.mi.us.

  • Please watch the Village Calendar for these and future events in the Village